Phil Jackson

11-time NBA champion coach, Phil Jackson, was put on the New York Knicks’ payroll yesterday as the new president of basketball operations.  Jackson, the former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, will take over the position for the star-crossed Knicks in the midst of one of the most polarizing seasons in the team’s history.


                                                             Phil Jackson

Reasons why this is the right move: from guest blogger

Luring Phil Jackson back into basketball has proven to be no small feat, and yet the Knicks did just that.  Having the greatest coach in NBA history in the front office will be invaluable for the struggling franchise.  Jackson not only provides legendary insight on all basketball operations, but is also an incredible selling piece for free agents, something that will be very important for the Knicks if Carmelo Anthony opts out of his deal and frees up cap room to sign a star like Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, or (hopefully) Lebron James.  Regardless of whether Carmelo stays or goes, though, the Knicks will still have at least one bona fide star and Phil Jackson has won championships with TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS built around the play of one star (ahem… Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant).  In the end, it won’t really be about IF Phil Jackson will win a championship with the Knicks, but HOW MANY he will take home in New York.

Reasons why this is the wrong move: from Ben D, owner of

The Knicks hired Phil Jackson as their PRESIDENT?! He’s never EVER even had a front-office position, but the Knicks have decided to give him the biggest job in the franchise? For what reason?! Because he was a sub on their last championship team who knows how many years ago (1973, where he played on average 17 minutes a game). To attract Melo back to New York with absolutely no money to do anything else and maybe get drunk on the idea they could get Lebron. The Knicks will either re-sign Melo when we already know they can’t win with just him alone, or they will attract a different big free agent, and still not win. Phil has never won anything without having at least two hall of famers on his team, and the Knicks DO NOT have two hall of famers on his team. The NBA is also moving away from his signature triangle offense, and Phil may try to enforce the defense on the Knicks unsuccessfully. The end of the story is that Phil cannot work his magic and get New York another title, but he did just make their financial woes that much worse.

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