Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher, the new Knicks head coach, vows to end the Knicks title drought. So basically Fisher is saying he will beat Lebron, and one of the western conference powerhouse teams, with Carmelo if he stays, and a bunch of old idiots who are overpayed and like to punch fire-extinguishers for fun. This team even with Carmelo didn’t even make the playoffs, this year, even when a team under .500 got in.

4 thoughts on “Derek Fisher

  1. Example says:

    I disagree with your analysis of the Fisher signing. You are simply forgetting that Fisher is a proven winner and has one of the highest basketball IQs in the game. In addition, there is something to be said for the fact that Fisher is a Jackson disciple (a good addition, by the way, as one of the guest bloggers pointed out) and a first time head coach, meaning that Jackson might be able to exercise some amount of control over the decision-making, much like Pat Riley did in Miami.

    • While I agree with you that Fisher is a proven winner, the Knicks are not. Jackson is also interested in keeping Carmelo, who no one can win with because he is too self-centered and takes too many shots.

  2. Sonic says:

    With new additions to boost the Knicks chemistry (getting rid of Felton and Chandler) the knicks will have new life with the Zen Master and D-Fish. Jose, Dalembert as well as Jason Smith, Larkin bring talent to the Knicks roster, while Acy brings that firepower that MSG has been missing for the past few years. Cleanthony also brings a lot of potential. Add that with Melo, JR, Smith, Shumpert, etc. and you got yourself a playoff team. Not to the championship and maybe not the semis, but they will be solid

    • I agree that the Knicks chemistry may be getting better but the Zen Master has no experience in the front office and Melo was a very bad signing for the Knicks (too overvalued and the Knicks payed too much) will not help them considering they are fielding a very similar team to last year, which put them eight games under 500 and out of the playoffs and I don’t believe Jackson made big enough changes to significantly change that record and I actually believe that with East getting that the Knicks will actually do worse then last year (10 games under 500 would be my guess) and I believe that it won’t be until 2016-17 season, when most of the Knicks contracts will have expired (except for that awful Melo signing which will keep them under for a while), until the Knicks can field a solid playoff team.

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