Varsity Video Games

Robert Morris University has officially given out the first-ever video game scholarship to Sean Bensema. He is now one of the 150 students competing for a spot on the school’s varsity “League of Legends” team. “Legends” is a popular 5-vs.-5-player game that combines RTS (real-time strategy) with RPG (role-playing game) elements, as the official website states. “Legends” has taken the nation by storm and the idea of getting a college scholarship for gaming has players excited. As the Wall Street Journal, reports, the top comment on the “League of Legends” website right now is:

“So it’s official, playing video games can benefit my education now… HAHA MOM!”

P.S. Robert Morris is spending $100,000 to create an esports arena with 36 gaming stations, so, ladies and gentlemen of benspn, I present to you the Alabama of esports.

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