A Butler in Disneyland

At the end of every Super Bowl, one or two players from the winning team are chosen to go to Disneyland. This year the two Chosen Ones were Julian Edelman (who may have been the true Super Bowl MVP) and Malcolm Butler, the undrafted rookie who sealed the game for the Patriots in the final seconds after a crazy play call that helped him emerge with an interception. (They’d have sent Gronk but were afraid he’d demolish It’s a Small World After All.) Tom Brady was the last Patriot to visit the iconic park as a champion, after the team’s last Super Bowl win, and this time he was the game MVP, earning himself a Chevy truck (the iconic Colorado) and Brady wishes to give it to Butler for saving his … neck in those final seconds. This may be another act of kindness by Brady after he gave every Patriots teammate UGGs as a Christmas presents (did he actually find them in Gronk’s or Wilfork’s size?) — or maybe it’s just because Giselle won’t let Brady be seen in a Chevrolet …

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