The Sad Season of the Knicks Continues

The Knicks’ season continues with more despair than hope. As of now the team is the worst  in the NBA with their pitiful 10-41 record; they are even worse than the lowly 76ers, but the team from Philly has a great future, unlike the New Yorkers. What makes it even more sad is that Knicks owner James Dolan told a lifelong fan to go ahead and root for the Nets after being criticized by him in an email. Dolan even called the fan an alcoholic. This may mean that no one will be showing up for Knicks games anymore because…

  1. The tickets are too expensive to watch D-leaguers.
  2. It’s just no fun.
  3. The t-shirt cannon gunner has the most accurate 3-point shot on the squad.

P.S. benspn will be having more on the Knicks’ sad season with a special guest blogger!

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