The Annual Anti-Boston Issue #1 – The Celtics’ Nonexistent Future (by Emile Smigielski)

Foreword by Ben Drevitch

As I think many of you realize, benspn is very anti-NY sports, so to make up for this bias, we are inviting guest bloggers to write anti-Boston posts. The first runs tonight and this series will continue with anti-Boston articles from other guest bloggers until the end of March. We hope to make this an annual thing so please enjoy and without further ado, Emile Smigielski:

Let me start off by saying that Celtic GM Danny Ainge has no idea what he is doing. He may have an incredible number of draft picks at his disposal and quite a few young players too, but he doesn’t understand the rebuilding process.

There are a few important things to do when rebuilding: First, hire a terrible coach, like the Lakers did with Byron Scott, so that you will be sure to lose a ton of game. After all, the purpose of rebuilding is to get good young talent from the draft, and the more games you lose the better chance you have to draft better talent.

So, if you want to be successfully rebuilding a team, which the Celtics obviously are—any team that starts Evan Turner, Brandon Bass, and Tyler Zeller is most definitely not trying to be competitive—why did Ainge trade for Isaiah Thomas, at least a Top 20 combo guard, when the Celtics are already invested in Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley, their two young guards? Thomas will only take minutes away from those two guards, thus minimizing their possibility for development. Not only will Thomas take away valuable developmental minutes away from the youngsters (though he isn’t too old himself), but he will also help this Boston team win games, the exact opposite of what they should be trying to do.

This is not the only instance of Ainge not understanding what is needed of a rebuilding team. During the latest offseason, he decided to sign free agent Evan Turner, a wing player who would take minutes away from Marcus Smart and fellow rookie James Young, inhibiting their development and adding more talent to a team whose purpose is to lose games making things look even more upside-down for the team.

It seems as if Danny Ainge does not understand the purpose of rebuilding even though he seems quite set on achieving it.

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