The Dying Philadelphia Legacy – by Perrin Tomlin

After convincing myself to finally pry my palm off my face from the Eagles’ disgusting trade of LeSean McCoy, I think I can now take a second to talk about what’s really going on in Philadelphia. Just today, there has been a little talk about the Eagles maybe picking up Super Mario in the draft, which is reasonable seeing that now we can’t rely on our running game anymore — no offense to Darren Sproles #greatguy.

There seems to be a GM problem with every team in Philadelphia, except for the Flyers. The Phillies have gone to crap ever since they got rid of Hunter Pence who was a great RBI producer. The Phillies gave up many prospects to get Pence then got essentially nothing in return. The Sixers management seems like they’re having difficulty understanding the purpose of the tanking method of rebuilding. They’re PAST tanking now. They were tanking when they got rid of Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday. Now they’ve gotten rid of MCW and Thaddeus Young also and replaced them with the dope that is JaVale McGee, who is now gone too. I’m sorry, but now it just seems like Philadelphia is trying to get itself taken out of the league.

At this point the only thing Philly has going for them is Mo’ne Davis and her little league team.

-by Perrin Tomlin

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