WARNING: Gronking may deflate pucks…

The Bruins recently honored the Super Bowl winning Patriots at a game in TD Garden against the New York Islanders (the other New York hockey team). After Rob Ninkovic dropped a ceremonial puck between the Bruins captain (Zdeno Chara, 6’9 while NOT on skates making him a towering presence on the ice) and the Islanders captain (John Tavares). After the puck drop Gronk picked up the puck and spiked it hard enough that it went off the ice and into the crowd.

This is not the first time the Patriots and Bruins have teamed up recently. The Bruins wore #doyourjob hats during their warm ups before their game against the Los Angeles Kings on the 31st of January.

The Bruins are on a run recently and currently are in the playoff race but could use Gronk to check opponents in to the board.

A Butler in Disneyland

At the end of every Super Bowl, one or two players from the winning team are chosen to go to Disneyland. This year the two Chosen Ones were Julian Edelman (who may have been the true Super Bowl MVP) and Malcolm Butler, the undrafted rookie who sealed the game for the Patriots in the final seconds after a crazy play call that helped him emerge with an interception. (They’d have sent Gronk but were afraid he’d demolish It’s a Small World After All.) Tom Brady was the last Patriot to visit the iconic park as a champion, after the team’s last Super Bowl win, and this time he was the game MVP, earning himself a Chevy truck (the iconic Colorado) and Brady wishes to give it to Butler for saving his … neck in those final seconds. This may be another act of kindness by Brady after he gave every Patriots teammate UGGs as a Christmas presents (did he actually find them in Gronk’s or Wilfork’s size?) — or maybe it’s just because Giselle won’t let Brady be seen in a Chevrolet …

Super Bowl Ending

The Super Bowl is officially over and we here at benspn are moving on (but expect nonstop coverage for another two weeks on ESPN). In the end the Patriots are victorious, like we predicted, and our final score was only three points off from the final score of 28 to 24 (we predicted it would be 28 to 21). Benspn also hit a milestone number because of viewers like you.

Also was it only me who saw Katy Perry riding ‘the more you know’ symbol…

Super Bowl 49 Live Blog #1

Well, one quarter has gone by and Seattle has picked off Brady… It was Jeremy Lane, who injured himself during the play. It seems the Pats can’t tackle Russell Wilson but it also seems Wilson can’t find anyone who’s open, so expect a back and forth the rest of the night between bad and worse.


Yes it is now the time that we here at benspn must make our Super Bowl predictions. On behalf of the company, I, Ben Drevitch have been tasked with writing this so lets do this thing!

I believe that the Patriots will emerge victorious because of their fantastic offense and a defense nearly as good as Seattle’s. The Patriots will be able to drive down the field against an injured Seattle secondary and Blount will have another big week. The Patriots will also be able to stop the run with their very strong defensive line led by soon to be hall of famed Vince Wilfork. Seattle may have a chance in this game if Russell Wilson comes out of the gate throwing. If this occurs the Patriots will then most likely drop more guys back into coverage meaning Lynch will be able to run it up the middle for huge gains.

The winner of this game will be the Patriots stopping Seattle to be the first team to repeat since Brady himself did it 10 years ago. The final score will also end up being 28 to 21, meaning the total will be 49 points accordingly.

Deflate-gate, or Gronk-flate-gate?

While the NFL investigates the New England Patriots for allegedly deflating the footballs they used during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, the team’s players and staff have had some very different reactions:

Tom Brady laughed off the accusation, saying, “I think I’ve heard it all.”

Head coach Bill Belichick, a man full of words, when asked by the media about the investigation by league officials, said, “Any questions on that you should talk to them about.”

Yet there is one player who seems to know what actually happened. Rob Gronkowski, known for his legendary spikes after scoring touchdowns, revealed it in his latest tweet: “WARNING GRONKING MAY CAUSE DEFLATION,” and I believe this is the best theory so far.

Regardless, the Patriots played a great game and in two weeks the NFL season will wrap up and we here at benspn predict that…the coin toss WILL BE heads.

More predictions to come.