Wild Card Betting

Hey, yes you, want to bet on some football, I know I do! Here are the picks from the benspn offices for how to bet this week’s action.

(cover the spread means the team not favored to win will either win or lose by less than expected)

(beating the spread means the team favored to win will win by more than the amount expected)

Oakland Radiers at Houston Raiders

Line:  Houston -4 (that means Houston is favored to win by four points or more) » take Houston to beat the spread

Over/Under: 38  (that means that the two teams are projected to score 38 points combined) » take the under

Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks

Line: Seattle -9 » trust the Lions to cover the spread (benspn guarantee)

Over/Under 44 » take the under

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

Line: Pittsburgh -11 » expect the Steelers to beat the spread

Over/Under 46 » take the under (benspn guarentee)

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

Line: Green Bay -6 » expect the Giants to cover the spread

Over/Under 45 » take the over




The President, Barack Obama, has picked Michigan State to win the NCAA tournament. Michigan State has the second-best odds to win it all, after Florida, ahead of Louisville, according to Vegas oddsmakers, and many ESPN analysts have picked the Spartans to win it as well. As usual, Barack Obama goes with the politically safe choice.