The Jets’ Offseason

This offseason, the Jets went with a very deliberate free agency strategy, targeting three big-name players to boost their ailing offense. The first was former Broncos receiver Eric Decker, who signed a 5-year, $36 million contract early this offseason. The Jets also went out and acquired notorious quarterback Michael Vick, who had lost the starting job on the Philadelphia Eagles. The last, most recent signing is running back Chris Johnson who, after being cut by the Tennessee Titans, looks to revive his CJ2K nickname with the Jets this coming season.

Why the Jets are making good signings: by Ben D
The Jets are making good decisions, for a surprise, this offseason. Maybe next they will even get rid of their overweight, bad-game-planning coach. The Jets have gone out and got explosive offensive players. They have signed Chris Johnson (CJ2K), Eric Decker, and Michael Vick.
If, and when, Vick wins the starting quarterback job, defenses could be faced will two great runners in the Jets’ backfield. On running plays, the defense will have to account for Vick, who has at times run the ball about as well as any RB. This will allow CJ2K to get out into the open field, where he is one of the fastest players in the NFL. The Jets will also be able to run a lot of successful play-action because the defense will have to buy fake handoffs to Johnson, which would allow Vick to run the other way, or roll out with time to pass to Decker, or still be in position to run. On play-action, the defense could also come after Vick, which would allow him to throw a screen to Johnson, or a long ball to Decker.
Last year, with Geno Smith as the starting quarterback, the Jets averaged 18.1 points per game, 29th in the league. This year I believe the Jets could score 24.5 points per game. Many experts, and I, also believe that with the 18th pick in the 2014 draft, the Jets will pick Marqise Lee, the explosive wide-receiver out of USC. This will give Vick another target and make defenses go crazy. CJ2K will have an amazing year, as he always does when he’s motivated to prove doubters wrong. The Jets will be able to explode on offense and make the playoffs.
Why the Jets are making a mistake: by Guest Blogger G.B.
Let’s face the facts: The New York Jets are a rebuilding team. Yes, they might have gone 8-8 in 2013, but they have a young, still developing quarterback, a coach who is perpetually on the “hot seat,” and are really not sure in what direction they are heading. Therefore, with all that being said, it is absolutely ridiculous for the Jets to go out and spend money as if they are a Super Bowl contender! Even if this rebuilding path works, the Jets are still two or three years away from real “contender status.” Plus, if the Jets were to spend $50 million on free agents, why on earth did they spend it on only three players. Rebuilding teams often need nearly full-roster turnovers, not three washed-up veterans.
And the problems do not stop there. Not only did the Jets waste their money and salary cap space, but they also jeopardized their team’s future success by bringing in loud-mouthed players who will not stand sitting on the bench. Now, this doesn’t really relate to Eric Decker, but as for Vick and Johnson, this is certainly the case. Also, by bringing in Vick, the Jets are showing no confidence in second-year quarterback Geno Smith, who was supposedly being groomed as the quarterback of the future.