The Buffalo Bills Front Office is Just as Dumb Its Fans

The Buffalo Bills is quite possibly the world’s worst sports franchise and its continued existence is shocking. I write this after a 20-13 loss to the Houston Texans, a game the team was not favored to win but should’ve won nonetheless. The real reason I feel the need to talk about the Buffalo Bills is because of its steadfast commitment to the absolute worst quarterback in the entire league: Nathan Peterman.

This man is just not good. He came into the game in Houston after the Bills starter got injured with a one touchdown lead. Peterman wasted little time throwing a pick-six, letting the Texans take the lead and win the game. In the 2018 season, Peterman has just 30 passing attempts yet also has an astounding four interceptions. It is a shock that Peterman continues to get any minutes considering he might be the least effective quarterback ever under pressure, and he’s rushed a lot because his team isn’t the best at blocking, making a bad situation horrible.

I genuinely don’t comprehend how the Buffalo Bills, a team coming off their first playoff season in 18 years, didn’t see this coming. This organization traded Tyrod Taylor, a capable quarterback, to allow Peterman to start. Why?

I don’t understand trading the quarterback who brought the team to the playoffs, and I further fail to see why the Bills decided to replace him with Peterman, who played a game in 2017 (after a very suspicious benching of Taylor) and threw five interceptions IN ONE HALF, forcing the Bills to put Taylor back in. That’s just one example of Peterman’s skill. It is almost like the Bills want to wait another few decades before making the playoffs again.

But here’s where it gets more baffling. After throwing two late-game interceptions to cost his team the game against Houston, the Bills still might start Peterman in their next game against the Indianapolis Colts instead of ANYONE ELSE. If Peterman starts again, the Buffalo Bills should be promptly kicked out of the league.

The Buffalo Bills organization continues to amaze me and it’s a wonder everyone involved hasn’t been fired yet. Or maybe the owners just don’t care. The only logical conclusion is that Bills fans themselves have taken over the franchise, and the #BILLSMAFIA sure isn’t the brightest.

Just how bad are the Bills? Look at this Google search:Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.51.15 PM.png