the Road to the Super Bowl

Wild Card Round


6 – Miami Dolphins v. 3 – Pittsburg Steelers

This game should be won easily by the Steelers who will have the luxury of playing at home against a team lacking offense. With Tannehill, the Miami starting quarterback, missing another game due to two sprained ligaments in his left leg the Miami offense will yet again be helpless, as it has been in most games lacking their leader. The Steelers have a dynamic offense led by stars like Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown and should knock out Miami’s dreams of a ring.

Final Score — Pittsburg 27 – Miami 10

  • I hate the Steelers

5 – Oakland Raiders v. 4 – Houston Texans

While Oakland did look like an unstoppable force this season, without their starting quarterback, not even their unstoppable offensive line can generate offense. They have looked lost since they lost Carr to injury and don’t have an established, playoff ready run game to fall back on. The underwhelming should win this game due to still having their key pieces intact, for the most part (they are still missing some of their biggest game changers like JJ Watt). Both teams in this game are severely lacking offense, but the winner of the worst division in football will prevail.

Final Score — Houston 14 – Oakland 13

  • If Oakland did have Carr, this game would be a complete rout, showing his dominance as a quarterback and he is emerging as one of the best QBs in the league


6 -Detroit Lions v. 3 – Seattle Seahawks

This game will be close but I think that in a dramatic upset, the Lions will come close to setting back the Seahawks dreams of a championship but will ultimately fail. Both teams have great offenses but the Seattle defense is still one of the best and will carry their team to victory. Stafford and Tate, in what is his first game back in Seattle since he left in the offseason before the 2014 season, will come up short mainly because of the great secondary defense established by the Seahawks and without a great running game to keep the Seahawks guessing, the Lions will go back to Detroit.

Final Score — Seattle 27 – Detroit 24

  • if the Lions are down by a touchdown or less going into the fourth quarter they will win
  • if the Lions win this game they will make it to the Super Bowl

5 – New York Giants v. 4 – Green Bay Packers

I really, really hope that the Giants lose this game. Sadly, I don’t think they will. The teams are evenly matched (Green Bay is stronger offensively, while the Giants are a bit stronger on the other side of the ball) and it will be a very close game. However, being a superstitious man when picking games, I think that the fact that the Packers haven’t lost in six games will work against them and the Giants will take one step closer to another Super Bowl appearance.

Final Score — New York 20 – Green Bay 17

  • I think Green Bay should win on this game but superstition man

Divisional Round


3 – Pittsburg Steelers v. 2 – Kansas City Chiefs

The Steelers will win this game as long as Antonio Brown is able to have a noticeable impact. The Chiefs have looked like one of the best teams in football behind a team that has learned game management and have played good football on both sides of the ball but the AFC North winner will overwhelm them now that they have all parts of their offense ready to go. It will be a close one in Arrowhead but ultimately yet another post-season loss for Reid, Smith, and co.

Final Score — Pittsburg 30 – Kansas City 20

  • I hate the Steelers
  • I really hate them

4 – Houston Texans v. 1 – New England Patriots

This game will be a rout and I shouldn’t need to explain why. One of the worst teams to ever make the playoffs will be going into Foxborough, where they lost 27 – 0 with their entire team health against a Patriots team lacking Brady, Gronk, and Ninkovich in Week 3. Now Houston has to come back and play another game, but this time going up against a rested Brady and lacking key parts, it will not be a close game.

Final Score — New England 31 – Houston 7

  • Brady has been playing with a fire in him ever since his Deflategate suspension and expect him to continue along that path, if not play even better in the playoffs


3 – Seattle Seahawks v. 2 – Atlanta Falcons

I think that Atlanta will overcome their playoff struggles and the Georgia Dome will get an unforgettable in what is likely the last game by a professional sports team that will be played their. The number one offense in the league led by Matt Ryan, the All-Pro and probable MVP, will face a tough task ahead of them facing one of the best defenses in the league but the combination of Devonta Freeman (one of the best running backs in the league), Julio Jones (arguably the best wide receiver in the league), and Ryan will lead the Falcons to victory.

Final Score — Atlanta 24 – Seattle 14

  • Apparently Atlanta deems a stadium “old” after 25 years of use

5 – New York Giants v. 1 – Dallas Cowboys

I am not going to do a write up of this game, all I can say is that Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and the rest of the Cowboys organization will not lose to the Giants three times this season.

Final Score — Dallas 27 – New York 10

  • I don’t think Jerry Jones can live with himself if the Giants were to win this game

Championship Round


3 – Pittsburg Steelers v. 1 – New England Patriots

This game will be very close, but the Patriots will ultimately win another one in Foxborough. In what will be another showdown between the Brady and Roethlisberger, the game will be close the whole way thru and with two amazing offenses on the field, defense will decide the game, and the Patriots secondary will shut down the Steelers’ passing game, leading to Brady taking another step towards a ring.

Final Score — New England 24 – Pittsburg 20

  • The running core of LeGarrette Blount, Dion Lewis, and James White will be the key players for New England and they will control the tempo with the combination of short passing and quick runs


2 – Atlanta Falcons v. 1 – Dallas Cowboys

The Falcons will prove that they are the best team in the NFC with a convincing win over the Cowboys in Dallas. The Falcons will come out swinging and head into Houston with a big win locking the Cowboys rookie duo out of the promised land.

Final Score — Atlanta 31 – Dallas 17

  • The playoffs require experience to advance and survive, and while the Cowboys have many players with experience, their two best players lack it and it’ll stop them this year, but they will be back

Super Bowl

New England Patriots v. Atlanta Falcons

benspn’s Super Bowl Prediction this year goes to the New England Patriots, as Tom Brady will show America why he is one of the best football players of all time on the biggest stage there is. Again.

Final Score — Patriots 34 – Atlanta 20

  • Brady will win Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl Ending

The Super Bowl is officially over and we here at benspn are moving on (but expect nonstop coverage for another two weeks on ESPN). In the end the Patriots are victorious, like we predicted, and our final score was only three points off from the final score of 28 to 24 (we predicted it would be 28 to 21). Benspn also hit a milestone number because of viewers like you.

Also was it only me who saw Katy Perry riding ‘the more you know’ symbol…